Allison Creek Farm Summer Clinic Series

We are proud to announce that next season we will have a clinic series!

If you want to spend some time strengthening your relationship with your horse or opening lines of communication with them, plan to audit or participate in one or more of our clinics!

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2 Day Mike Branch Horsemanship 2016 Clinic

2 Day Mike Branch Horsemanship 2016 Clinic

 2016 October 29th (10a-5), October 30th (9a-1) at Allison Creek Farm.

Mike Branch’s clinics help students set and reach new goals as well reiterate communication between horse and rider. The format laid out is not a beginner arrangement. However, no rider is expected to know, or have mastered any of the proposed exercises prior to attending the clinic. The clinic is intended to point or guide you into the next phase of you and your horses journey together. “Mastering” each technique may or may not happen, it is a road map, if you will to yet another place for you to set a goal to attain.

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Day One

Ground Work with saddle:

  1. Lateral Flexion for a Soft Head and Neck
  2. Vertical Flexion for a Soft Poll
  3. The Wrap Around for a Soft Feel Throughout the Body
  4. On-Line Circling for Impulsion Through Transitions

Mounted Work:

  1. Understanding the Importance of Flexion
  2. Rein and Leg Position and Authority
  3. Picking Up Flexion on the Circle
  4. Serpentine for Feel at the Walk
  5. Feeling Your turns
  6. Checking-In
  7. The Cloverleaf Pattern for Feel

Day Two

Mounted Work:

  1. Flexion Check
  2. Warm-Ups on the Cloverleaf
  3. Warm-Ups on the Serpentine
  4. Impulsion
  5. Transitions from Walk to Trot
  6. Trotting the Serpentine
  7. Trotting the Cloverleaf
  8. Transitions to Canter
  9. Simple Lead Changes

Mounted work should be done in a snaffle bit or bosal.

  • Participation: $275 for the weekend
  • Audit $20/day or $35/weekend
  • Stalls: $20/night

Registration is full. Any requests for participation will be added to the waiting list, and will be contacted in the event of a cancellation. Please consider volunteering (we need 2 people), or joining us as an auditor.