Our Annual Safety Inspection is a visual inspection on all moving and weight-bearing components of your trailer.

We remove the wheels and bearing seals, make sure all moving parts inside the wheel (wheel bearings, brakes, etc) are in good, working condition, re-pack the bearings with grease and put everything back together.

The visual inspection doesn’t stop there, we also cover the following :

  • Hitch, coupling, pins, safety chains
  • Axle condition, fenders, tire alignment and age
  • Frame, roof and floor, wall condition; broken welds, rust, rot and corrosion, missing rivets
  • Windows and doors: dents, locking mechanisms, hinges, safety bars
  • Interior: partition locking, injurious protrusions, breast and butt bars
  • Electrical wiring, lights, safety markers.

Our Annual Safety Inspection is a flat fee of $200, and this covers the labor. If repairs or maintenance are needed, our mechanic will notify you before moving forward.

We try to minimize your expense whenever possible because we want you to come back and refer your friends. For example, with your permission, we can replace a worn out wheel bearing before we put the wheels back on and save you money on labor.